Welcome to the exciting world of kart racing. 

Kart racing has something to offer everyone. With minimal investment anyone can enjoy the weekend together as a family, train to become a professional race driver or race some of the most famous tracks in the world. 

Competition kart racing is the fastest growing form of motorsports in the world. It provides all the fun and thrills of full scale, high performance racing at a fraction of the cost. It appeals to people of all ages and from all walks of life, blue collar to professionals, who want the challenge of competition at an affordable price. Karting provides a place to develop and fine-tune driving skills in a controlled environment. For young racers, karting is a superior training ground for teaching respect and driving finesse. All skill levels find a challenge, from beginners, to intermediate, to professional.

Many of today's professional race drivers began their careers as kart racers. Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Fernando Alonzo, Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel  found their way into Formula One through karting.  In NASCAR, Darrell Waltrip, Danica Patrick, Lake Speed, Ricky Rudd, Juan Pablo Montoya, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Jamie McMurray began as kart racers.

Karting is a great family-oriented sport. The entire family can participate as there are jobs for everyone to do, from taking lap times, to tuning on the chassis, to driver coaching, to planning road trips.  Karting provides an opportunity for family bonding as a true team sport, with all sharing in the victory of a job well done.

Karting appeals to girls and boys, men and women from ages 4 to 84. There's a place for everyone, from local level, to regional events, up to national level competition.  Many programs and classes are available so it's easy to be competitive and feel the thrill right away.