Aerodynamics  Physics of Racing Series

 Aerodynamic drag  by: Brad Zoeller, B/Z Motorsports
Physics of Racing Series
by Brian Beckman

1.  Weight Transfer

2.  Keeping your Tires Stuck to the Ground

3.  Basic Calculations

4.  There is no such thing as Centrifugal Force

5.  Introduction to the Racing Line

6.  Speed and Horsepower

7.  The Traction Budget

8.  Simulating Car Dynamics with a Computer Program  

9.  Straights

10. Grip Angle

11. Braking

12. CyberCar, Every Racer's DWIM Car

13. Transients

14. Why Smoothness?

15. Bumps In The Road

16. RARS, A Simple Racing Simulator

17. "Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line

18. "Slow In, Fast Out!" or, Advanced Racing Line, Continued

19. Space, Time, and Rubber

20. Four-Point Statics

21. The Magic Formula: Longitudinal Version

22. The Magic Formula: Lateral Version

23. Trail Braking

24. Combination Slip

25. Combination Grip

Pulling an enduro slippy pipe by: Tod Spaude, TS Racing
Engine driver removal by: Tod Spaude, TS Racing
Plugs: Too hot, too cold or just right by: art Verlengiere, RLV Tuned Exhaust
Using gears and tires by: Tod Spaude, TS Racing
Measuring your header and flex for 2 cycle racing by: Jeff Bosset, TS Racing
Understanding chain #35 vs #219 by: Tod Spaude, TS Racing
NORAM clutch tips Provided by TS Racing
Phantom's Spindle Setup Provided by TS Racing
Ratio & Pitch Diameter Provided by TS Racing & SMC Clutches
One piece wheel tire mounting by: Jeff Bosset, TS Racing

 Plugs: Too hot, too cold or just right  by: Art Verlengiere, RLV Tuned Exhaust