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Daytona Tire Offer: Sprint, Dirt, Road Race
Now is the time to get your tires on order for Daytona. is offering the option of FREE delivery to the Daytona track. Just select one of the Daytona tracks in the shipping section of when you check out.   If you prefer, you can always use our discounted shipping to your location.
This is a limited time offer so take advantage now.

Product Specials

Tire Crayon Yellow
Price: $1.54 $1.39 ends 12/31/2023
Stamped Steel Drum for Stinger Clutch
Price: $46.49 $42.00 ends 12/31/2023
SURREALâ„¢ 13" Open Top Steering Wheel
Price: $73.95 $66.55 ends 12/31/2023
MC3/5 Water Temp Lead BK 10mm/Rotax
Price: $75.00 $65.52 ends 12/31/2023

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The TS Racing support team will be at the following tracks.
Please let us know how we may help you.
Dec 8 - 10
Cup Karts Winter National - NOLA - New Orleans, LA (VTA)
Dec 28 - 30
WKA Daytona Road Race Series - Daytona International Speedway (VTA)
Dec 28 - 30
WKA Daytona Dirt Series - Daytona International Speedway (FPT)
Dec 28 - 30
WKA Daytona Sprint Series - Daytona International Speedway (VTA)
(FPT) Full Parts Trailer, (LPA) Limited Parts Available, (VTA) Vega Tires Available, (TSO) Tech Support Only