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Item #: TS1500
Our Price: $399.00

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1st year subscription for 1 to 500 drivers. Renewals only $99

Hi-Tech Technical Inspections

Transform your technical inspections with a hi-tech solution. TechStar's barcode-scanning software lets you track all your components.

  • Track tires, engines, chassis, and more

  • No reading engine seal numbers

  • No painting tires

  • Works day and night

Fast, Easy, Affordable

Reduce your inspection staff while you increase speed and accuracy. TechStar simplifies your process and ensures a fair and streamlined experience for all.

  • Save money with less staff

  • Speed up your inspections

  • Ensure fair competition

  • Get accurate component readings

Instructions and Video instructions in "More Details"
User instructions:

Use TechStar


Step 1: Open a database

Click New to create a new database or click Open to open an existing database. A database must be open to perform any other operation in TechStar. The database stores the entry information along with the barcodes associated with those entries.

Step 2: Add and Edit the database entries

Add the entries to the database by using the table to enter the first name, last name, number, and class of each entry. It is possible to import entries from a TechStar export, TechStar database, or other CSV file. 

Step 3: Add barcodes for each entry

After selecting an entry, the associated barcodes will be shown in the barcodes table. Add barcodes by using a scanner or manually typing them in. The type can be selected by using the adjacent drop down menu. If a duplicate barcode is entered, the background will turn red to indicate an error.


Step 4: Open the database

If not already opened, open the database created at registration. Click on the Tech Tab to switch to the tech view.

Step 5: Scan barcode 

In the Scan Entry box, enter the barcode using a scanner or by manually typing it and pressing enter. The result will show the entry information associated with that barcode if it is found. The background alternates colors to indicate a scan taken place. The Scan History table will show a record of all the scans.

Step 6: Export scan history

Click Export History to save the scan history table to a CSV file. This file can be opened with any text editor or other programs.

Click Here for video instructions.


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