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Item #: RLV 0012
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RLV HP 4-T Synthetic Kart Oil, blended from the purest synthetic ingredients we could source; this is not just oil. RLV HP Synthetic Oil boasts the highest level of lubricity we could achieve.  HIGH lubricity drastically reduces friction and wear, translation; increased Horse Power. RLV HP 4-T Synthetic Kart Oil, designed for Briggs, Clone and Honda, available in a single-use delivery system.

Everyone makes advertising statements, and ours are based on the fact this oil has been tested and raced for well over 5,000 hours.  As a result, we offer the following statements: 

  • HP oil is ultra-lightweight, which enables a freer spinning engine.
  • HP oil dramatically reduces friction and temperatures due to its high lubricity.
  • HP oil delivers Increased Horsepower on the dyno and the track.
  • HP oil reduces friction and temperature, which equals decreased lap times.
  • HP oil reduces friction and temperature, which equals increased engine life.


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