Valve Length Tool

Valve Length Tool<

Before starting we ask you to make 2 new test valves.

Your valve tool is preset at our location for you to reference our valve length dimensions.
1.  Insert a stock exhaust valve.  It should read .088" to .090"  File it to read .050"
2.  Do the same with a stock intake valve.  They should read .045" to .048".  File it to read .010".  These are now shorter than you will probably ever use.

Directions for Valve Length Tool Part # T 7695

1.  During profiling for cam legality note down the cam lift for both intake and exhaust lobes.
     See Step 1 on math section.

2.  From example:  .224" is running lift you will be looking for.  Drop your test valve in and note the valve lift with the test valve.  Say it is .200" lift.  See Math Step 2.

3.  Subtract .200" from .224" = .024" + .010" = .034" for total valve length.  See Math Step 3.

4.  Perform steps 1 to 3 for the other valve.

Example  MATH for material to cut from valve.  Example

Step 1 .232 Lobe maximum lift.
  -.008 Suggested valve lash from cam manufacturer.
  .224 Suggested running lift.
Step 2 -.200 Lift with test valve.
Step 3 .024 Amount which needs to be added to test valve length.
  +.010 Length of test intake valve.
  .034 This is the length you will be looking for to cut a valve for the required .008 lash.