CIK Unico Bodywork Mounting Instructions

The new style CIK Unico side pod saves you time and money by allowing you to use your 2002 and older nerf bars with a new style side pod.   The Unico, along with the Unico bracket kit (K1858) gives your older kart a new look without major modifications to your chassis.
These instructions are for mounting the new 2003 CIK Unico side pods on 2002 and older style nerf bars.
 Not all nerf bars will be the same, but this example shows you how to fit the new style bodywork to most karts.  

Take off older pre-2002 pod.  Place the aluminum plate (provided) on the old rear “L” bracket.

Make sure the plate is sitting square on the old “L” bracket. With a marker, transfer the two existing holes to the aluminum plate. (See Figure #1 & 2).
Drill two ¼” holes in the plate.

  Attach the plate to the “L” bracket with bolts, washer, & nuts provided. 
(Figure #3)
Slide the new “L” bracket (provided) between the plate and the nerf bar.
  Place the side pod on the brackets to check pod position and levelness (most of the time the “L” bracket is level with the plate). Figure #4 is a view from the bottom . Make sure you have turning clearance between the side pod and front & rear tires.
Remove the pod and mark where you need to drill two ¼” holes in the plate and the new “L” bracket. (Figure #5)  Clamp the "L" bracket to the plate before drilling.  After drilling the holes attach the “L" bracket with the bolt, washer & nut in the bottom hole only. (Figure #6)
Set the pod back on the “L” brackets and mark the location needed for holes in the front (Figure #7) and rear of pod (Figure #8). Make sure the new pod is lined up level with the pod on the opposite side of the kart.  Verify tire clearance
Take the pod off and drill the holes in the pod (Figure #9). Remount the pod on the brackets using the remainder of the bolts in kit.
(Figure #10)

NOTE: It’s up to you if you want to cut off the old, rear “L” bracket.  The front "L" bracket is normally OK, but you may need to cut ½” to 1” off the old bracket if it extends out beyond the pod.

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