Degree Wheel


Wipe off crankshaft and be sure it is free of dirt or clutch dust.  Slide aluminum sleeve on crankshaft.  Pull motor over to the bench edge so the side cover is close to flush with the edge.  Carefully place degree wheel on shaft end with numbers facing outward and while holding it in place, screw the bolt and washer against the degree wheel.  Do NOT tighten completely yet.

Assuming flywheel is on the other side, turn in the counter clockwise direction.  Turn until piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC) and both valves are closed completely.  Turn and eye ball the degree wheel so the TDC zero is at the top (12 o'clock position).  Now, firmly tighten the bolt and washer to lock degree wheel down.  Place pointer on the head bolt above the cylinder shield bolt hole and lightly tighten down at the zero TDC mark.

Using a dead stop method, place an object so that  the piston stops against it.  Now rotate the flywheel in both directions until the same degree mark number is on both sides of TDC zero.  If not, lightly tap pointer in the correct direction.  Moving the pointer is much easier than moving the degree wheel each time.