CRS S-88 ICC Engine Technical Information

Tightening of motor screws and nuts:

Description Kg/m
Screw M 5 0.9
Screw M6 1.3
Screw M 10 4.0
Nuts M 8 2.3
Nut ignition 4.0
Nut pinion 4.0 (with loctite 270)
Nut drum 4.0 (with loctite 242e)

Use original C.R.S. srl spare parts, and exclusively ball bearings  C.R.S. srl.

Oil change: 350cc  A.T.F.

Running - in:  300 mt

Motor Ignition timing Squish
S 88 FC   Diam. 36 Selettra 1.0  before the P.M.S. 0.74 - 0.76
S 88 ICC Selettra 1.5 before the P.M.S. 0.74 - 0.76

Revision connecting rod:  after 100 lt.

Cylinder / piston coupling:   0.055 - 0.060
(N.B. Every time that the piston is replaced, verify the squish value.)

Replace the pivot roller bearing cage every 60 lt.

N.B. The motor is delivered exclusively for competitions, therefore is not covered by guarantee.
        We decline all civil and penal responsibilities and for the use of the motor.

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