Setting Briggs Ignition Timing

Install a top dead center finder tool to the top of the cylinder along with a degree wheel and pointer.  Rotate the motor one direction until it stops, read the number on the degree wheel.  Rotate the other direction until it stops, read the number.  Keep doing this until the number comes up the same, turning both directions until it hits the stop.  For more detail on this procedure see - TS Degree Wheel set up.

After finding top dead center (TDC) install a bracket over the piston.  Rotate the motor back and forth and set your indicator to 0 at TDC.  At this time you'll notice that the magnet is almost past the ignition.  Back the flywheel up until the right edge of the magnet (not the aluminum) is directly under the point where the right edge of the right leg of the coil meets the flywheel.  Look at your degree wheel.  It should read 28 - 30 degrees before TDC while the dial indicator should read .195 - .210".  Adjust by changing  key numbers starting with a #4 key.  You may have to file the key to get your desired timing.  Retorque the flywheel to 75 foot pounds.

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