Make sure the valve is off, not inline with tube, then fill the bleeder bottle with the correct fluid. Typically American systems such as MCP and Enginetics will use a DOT 5 or silicone brake fluid. European systems typically use a high temp racing DOT 3 or 4 fluid that needs to be changed regularly. Screw the bleeder into the master cylinder. European karts will typically have a bleed plug on the caliper which needs to be removed, the American style will have a bleeder screw which will need to be cracked open. Next open the valve on the bleeder and slowly squeeze the bottle forcing fluid through the system. Once all air and contaminated fluid has disappeared close the valve (you should hold pressure on the bottle until the valve has closed) reinstall the bleeder screw or tighten the bleeder valve. Remove the bleeder from the master cylinder, top off the fluid, put the cap back on and your ready to go. Always double-check the brake system again before hitting the track.

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