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Item #: BA555591-G
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Allows you to adjust float height and fload drop on Briggs LO206 and Animal carburetors.
Adjustable to preset at any level you want.
See instructions in "More Details".

Float Gauge

Remove the carb and float bowl.  While holding the carb right side up use the long side of the gauge and adjust the FLOAT DROP first.  This side of the gauge is fixed at 1.062”.  It works best to remove the float from the carb and slightly bend the small right-angle tab with a needle nose pliers.  Check your adjustment by making sure that the needle doesn’t come out of the seat so far that the float sticks when you raise the float by hand.  Turn the carb upside down to check the FLOAT LEVEL.  Use the short side of the gauge.  For adult motors with the short black slide the gauge should be set at 0.860” to 0.870”.  When checking the adjustment be careful not to put pressure on the needle as this may compress the spring inside the needle.  To adjust the FLOAT LEVEL, bend the tab in the middle of the float that pushes against the needle.  Adjust it until the float just touches the gauge.  You may have to bend both float arms to get the sides even.  Recheck the float drop.  If you want to set the float height to a different value use a depth micrometer or caliper to set the gauge.  For the Kid Kart, red, blue and green slides on gasoline the recommend setting for the float level is 0.900”.


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